what is pikme and how does it work?

Pikme aims to challenge ageing stereotypes with a set of publicly available images that represent the diversity of the ageing experience in Australia. Pikme began as a idea that grew during a roadtrip to hear the stories of older people in Australia. So many people spoke about the imagery of ageing being outdated and negative. The imagery constantly falls into a very narrow range of photos – wrinkled hands, joyous couples on the beach, sad and lonely older people. The idea to challenge ageism through images was obvious. The harder part has been finding a way to make the project equitable for everyone involved; that means finding a way to give choice to those being photographed on how their image is used as well as paying photographers fairly for the use of their photos. We are still working on this but hey, nothing’s perfect! This is our story so far and our work to show ageing in all its honest and messy but very human beauty.

pikme people

The pikme team is based in Brisbane and is led by Leonie and Simon from The Ageing Revolution. They coordinate the enthusiasm to make this happen. Massive shout outs to the following people: the creative team at Edison Agency who have contributed and guided the development of pikme from when it was just a tiny idea. Chief Reality Checker Suzanne Oberhardt who makes sure we don’t ever forget our prime directive – to challenge ageism in a creative and energetic way. Tech guru and mentor Dan Zwolenski from Digital Purpose who is now pretty much part of the family. Last but not least, our crew of photographers without whom this project would never have lifted off the ground in the first place!

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Making change is not a solitary task – it’s a group effort and we need everyone to get on board to help challenge ageism!
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